How to Earn Bitcoin When You Shop

Recently I learnt about a new platform, Lolli, that had partnered with Sephora, where shoppers could earn bitcoin rewards when they shop there. This seemed super interesting so I reached out to CEO Alex Adelman and found out that they have a heap more partnerships already in place. This seems like a promising new way to make it easy for people to enter the world of crypto!

How Verus Solved 51% attacks and "Nothing-At-Stake"

Thrilled to announce that the awesome Verus platform has just become a sponsor of my show! It's a really exciting platform that prioritizes privacy and security, and is a fork of Komodo (which I've featured in a previous interview, and am also a big fan of). I interview lead developer Michael Toutonghi, a former VP at Microsoft, and we discuss 51% attacks and the "Nothing-at-stake" problem that Verus has solved.