The Office Of Dead Letters

Rainsworth Productions is currently producing a fantastic play called "Office Of Dead Letters", alongside "Little Y Theatre Company", and "The Shaky Hands", and it has been accepted into STAGEfest!

For more information check out the Rockethub page here!

Skirting Authority

I have been accepted into the fellowship program with the Moving Pictures Institute to make my next feature film, The Contract. It is a political/romantic comedy, and the final script is almost finished. This year we will be making a teaser for the film, and I have yet to cast it. If you’re interested in being involved as any part of the crew, send me an email at :)

The Pilgrim

Working on a Pariah Filmworks production, The Pilgrim.

Yes, Happy

A short film made in Williamsburg with Rainsworth Productions, with award winning playwright and director Jeffery Jay Fowler and award winning director of photography, Francisco Aliwalas.


 Feature film,  Audition . Expected release: 2013

Feature film, Audition. Expected release: 2013

This Summer I was part of an amazing team that shot an upcoming indie feature. I worked as casting producer and co-executive producer, and it was a blast.

Working with Todd Thaler at the open call