MC/Conference Chair

A confident and engaging MC is crucial for the smooth running of your event and the enjoyment of your attendees. My extensive experience and professional approach will set the tone and gain the trust and interest of the audience. My deep knowledge and passion for cryptocurrency and economics means informed introductions, and insightful improvisation to hold space where necessary.

Some past MC experience:

Satoshi Roundtable 2018
Satoshi Roundtable 2019

Consensus Invest 2017
Consensus 2018
Consensus Invest 2018
Consensus 2019

Freedom Fest 2016
Freedom Fest 2017
Freedom Fest 2018

Bitcoin 2019 Conference

San Fran Aug 2015
Bucharest Feb 2017
Tel Aviv Jun 2017
San Fran Aug 2017
Kyiv Sept 2017
Gibraltar Oct 2017
Davos Nov 2017
Ljubljana Dec 2017
Bucharest Dec 2017
Cayman Islands Jan 2018
Silicon Valley Feb 2018
Seoul March 2018
Puerto Rico March 2018
Vilnius March 2018
Tokyo April 2018
Puerto Crypto March 2018

Litecoin Summit 2018
Litecoin Summit 2019

Atlas Society 2018

Soho Forum 2017
Soho Forum 2018

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Thorough preparation, efficient & effective agendas, and expert personality management are cornerstones of my work as a panel facilitator. I garner the most possible from the experts presenting, whilst ensuring the conversation flows well, stays on track, the audience remains engaged, and key insights are uncovered.

Event/Speaker Facilitator:

Edward Snowden

US National TV Commentator:

Expert panelist, “Making Money”, Fox Business

Expert panelist, “Stossel”, Fox Business


Soho Forum debate



Keep things interesting, and informative. That’s my signature. Having worked for some of the largest media organizations in the world, and being mentored by a 19-time emmy award winning journalist while producing content for him for the past 5 years, I’ve learnt some things about engaging content. I try to bring as much of this as possible to every interview that I host.

Interview Highlights:

Ron Paul, former Presidential Candidate

Steve Forbes, CEO Forbes

Patrick Byrne, former CEO Overstock
(Featured in Forbes, The Independent, Zero Hedge)